Monday, February 20, 2017

Embossed Foil and Alcohol Inks 2/20/17

Happy MOM Day (Modus Operandi Monday)

Today I will show you a foil embossed and alcohol ink technique. 
The alcohol technique I showed you last week was from CindyScrappyV and today's is from HappyAbbie. 

First you will want to get the following items ready. Foil (I used cheap Dollar Tree stuff), alcohol  inks, Blending Solution, blending pads, Embossing folder.

Pull of  sheet of foil @ 15" in length and fold this in half so you now have a piece @7-1/2" x 12".
Now fold that into thirds giving you a final piece of @ 4" x 7-1/2"

 Now places the foil in your embossing folder and run this through your machine (I use Teresa Collins 'Cut-N-Boss').

I know, the one with the clocks looks a little warped but it isn't. It's the picture.

Next I put a few drops of ink on the blending pad then added a little Blending Solution.

Notice how the Blending Solution as  relieved some of the intensity of the ink on the pad. Now I also added a few drops of the ink directly on the foil and used the blending pad on top of that.
Once you have the look you want, use your heat gun complete dry it. But before doing that, remember your blending pad still has ink on it, so use some cheap tissue paper (double thickness) and use up the remaining ink. I did add a little more blending Solution to the blending pad to get out all the ink I could.
This is a piece of white card stock I had under my project and under the tissue papers. Don't throw this out either, it's good scrappin paper.
Here is the other one I embossed. Very intense blue on this one. As you can see I added a little "Carmel" ink to it later.

That's it scrapper's. Just get out your supplies and have fun with it !!!!!

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