Thursday, February 2, 2017

Save that broken blow dryer, drill, etc.

I was watching a video about a mixed media project when the lady pulled up a box full of screws, gears, etc. She explained that she removed these from a sewing machine that was broken. I thought What a genius!!  Do you know how much treasure is in these mechanical and electrical devices we throw away when they stop working or get replaced by the newer version. Well, I just want to cry when I think of all the stuff I have thrown out without looking inside.

So if your blow dryer, drill, garage opener dies on you, bring out the screw driver and open that puppy up and see what treasures await you. If you can't find the screws to let you inside, get out the hammer, put on some goggle and hammer away. Don't worry, you won't hurt the good stuff, just the plastic on the outside and what the heck, it was broke anyway!!

Happy treasure hunting and happy scrappin!!

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