Monday, March 27, 2017

Use Make Up for excess adhesive

Good Morning and Happy M.O.M. Day part 2.

Well as I promised I have 2 techniques to show you today. This one I was introduced to by my daughter Jamie Fox.

I had some woven ribbon to go on an album and wasn't sure how I was going to apply it because it is a very loose weave. My daughter said to run it through the XYron and then apply it. I was a bit concerned that a lot of the excess adhesive would show through and be tacky, which it did (not a lot but enough to concern me). She stepped out of the room and came back with a container of clear powder foundation. DUH, why did I think of that, oh yea,  I don't wear make up !!!

I barely touched the brush to the powder, the tapped off the excess into the lid.

I just brushed it back and forth across the ribbon.

As you can see, no difference to the ribbon or paper and the tackiness is gone.

I also did the same to this piece of woven ribbon.

So next time, you are applying some loose woven ribbon and you have some excess adhesive coming through, pull out your make up and find a very light or clear powder foundation and brush it over. You can also use baby powder but since it is white,  it will leave a light white powder look on whatever you put it on. That's why the clear foundation make up great.

Thank you for stopping by and Happy Scrapping !!

Don't like the design on your Chipboard...Change it!!

Happy M.O.M. Day.

So recently I showed you foil embossing on left over chipboard piece. Today I will show you how to change the paper on the left over chipboard.

Using more of the left over pieces from Graphic 45 Baby 2 Bride Collection I and going to change it to something that will work better on an album I am working on. I will be using paper from Graphic 45 Artisan Style. I just love the peacock feather paper.
First with an emory board, file off the little nibs that are left on the chip board when removing them from the main package.
Next I cut a piece of paper about the size of the chipboard I am covering.

Be sure to fully cover your chipboard with glue. I used Zig 2 Way Glue with the wide applicator.

Adhere your paper to the chipboard piece. Be sure the section you want seen is on the chipboard, where you want it.
Cut the paper as close to the chipboard as you can get.

Lightly spray your paper with a mixture of alcohol and water. Don't saturate it, otherwise your paper will just fall apart.
Using an emory board, gentle file away the excess paper.

Allow it to dry thoroughly, then chalk the edged  ( I used Color Box Chalk, Ocean) and add additional embellishments, if you wish. I would not suggest doing anything too elaborate until you have a good feel for this technique.

And now you have a new piece of chipboard  to use.

Here are some other samples I did.

I was debating on adding  one to the embossed foil sample I did last week.

Or change the look of another one. Which is I glued the chipboard a little too high on the paper.
I like both, so I guess I'll have to find another piece of left over chipboard and make another one like the small architectural piece. 

That's it for today. Happy Scrapping !!

Saturday, March 25, 2017


Good Morning Everyone

Well the last two weeks have been very hectic and relaxing for me. I went on vacation to New Mexico and Arizona. New Mexico was awesome. Our room was so close to the ski lifts and the ski slope that I could have walked out of my room and in 2 minutes been on the slopes tumbling down the mountain. I don't ski. But it was a lot of fun watching the skiers and snow boarders. I noticed that quite a few of them fell when the got the bottom !! OUCH !!

Around 4:30 when the ski lift shut down for the evening, we could see deer coming down the mountain. Apparently this is a nightly ritual for the deer. They were extremely friendly and naturally looking for food.

Here the deer are coming down the  ski slope.


Even my brother-in-law was excited about the deer and feed them apples.

Great vacation with my sister and her husband. The only sad part was going to my grandmother property only to see that the only thing that remained was the cement flooring and that was pretty broken up.

I know, What does this have to do with scrapbooking... Not a darn thing. I just wanted to share!!!!

But this Monday, I will have two techniques to share with your !!
Happy scrapping !!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Chipboard & Foil Embossing 3/6/17

Happy M.O.M Day

For those just joining me, M.O.M means Modus Operandi Monday ( a way or method of doing something, A.K.A. Technique).

Today I am doing foil over chipboard embossing. Why, because I have a lot ( not a lot but quite a few) pieces of left over chipboard from projects. Mainly from Graphic 45. Yes, I do try and squeeze in every piece I can but sometimes enough is enough!!!! So I end up with left overs.  So why not change the way they look so I can use them on other projects.

I had some left overs from Graphic 45 Baby 2 Bride Collection and this is what I did.
I pulled a piece of foil 12" x 12", folded it in half, then folded it into thirds.

I applied glue to the back side of one of the chipboard pieces and glued it to the foil.

Next I put it into by embossing folder. Be sure you know which way your embossing goes, the first time I tried it I had my foil facing the wrong way on the folder. For the embossing fold I was using (Diesire, Embossalicious) I flipped the folder upside down and place the foil on the back side of the folder. After you run it through your machine, this is how your chipboard should look. Notice the impression (de-embossed) on the back side of the chipboard.
I know different shape ( was working with several and forgot to take some photo's along the way)
This is how the foil side of your chipboard will look.
OK back to our original shape. I cut away the excess foil, fairly close to the edges.

Then I pressed the foil on to the edges with my finger and there you go, a new piece of chipboard to be used on any project.

Remember the piece I mentioned that I did upside down, well here it is. As you can see I cut it close to the edge with scissors, then used an Xacto knife to cut away the center part.
Again I just used my finger to press the foil along the edges and it's now ready to be used.

I hope you get a chance to use this technique and  use some of your left over chipboard pieces or for that matter, any plain chipboard pieces that need something other than paint or distressed ink on them. 
Thank you for stopping by and Happy Scrapping !!!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Yumi Muraeda One Creative Lady

So sorry I missed my M.O.M. Post this week, but I have had horrible cold, I'll make it up to you!!
In the mean time, if you get a minute, pop over to this blog. :// These incredible designs are done by Yumi Muraeda and she is an extremely talented lady. Not only is she an awesome designer but she is an educator and an engineer. Her blog has pages and pages of her work. You may have seen some of her artistic work on Graphic 45's blog.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Create Words

Just saw this on Pinterest, Good Idea, especially if you don't like your own handwriting, like me.  I know I have several sets of the letters and number, in all sorts of fonts, that I have used the chipboard piece and have just the negative left.
Remember, we scrappers never throw anything away !!!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Rose Gold Album using Prima Papers

Good Day Scrapper,

Yesterday I had mentioned that I had been procrastinating on the completion of an album made from Prima's Love Clippings and Wild and Free Papers. Well, this morning I decided to go for it. After all I did have another piece of paper to use, just in case I messed this one up. Guess what ??? I didn't mess it up. Here it is.

Couple of the pages

Now she will be listed at my shop Scrapsforsanity on
Now what to start on next ???  Perhaps another one using the  paper from BoBunny called Faith. 

Here is the one I did recently. Right now it is on display at Scrapbook Cafe in La Puente, Ca. I will be doing a class on it on April 9th.

Thank you for stopping by and Happy Scrapping !!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

French Flea Market Mini Album

No I haven't been playing much with different techniques this week. I have been working on two new mini albums.  One is with  Prima Love Clippings and Wild & Free paper lines and the other is the new one French Flea Market  by Julie Nutting. Just about to put the Julie Nutting one up for sale in my shop Scrapsforsanity at

Here's s sneak peek for you

Just as soon as I get the Love Clipping's one complete, I'll post it here for you to see. I have been procrastinating on it because I want to add some mixed media to the front of the album but I'm worried that if I make a mistake I will ruin the whole album.  UGGGG!!!

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Scrapping !!!