Sunday, March 12, 2017

Chipboard & Foil Embossing 3/6/17

Happy M.O.M Day

For those just joining me, M.O.M means Modus Operandi Monday ( a way or method of doing something, A.K.A. Technique).

Today I am doing foil over chipboard embossing. Why, because I have a lot ( not a lot but quite a few) pieces of left over chipboard from projects. Mainly from Graphic 45. Yes, I do try and squeeze in every piece I can but sometimes enough is enough!!!! So I end up with left overs.  So why not change the way they look so I can use them on other projects.

I had some left overs from Graphic 45 Baby 2 Bride Collection and this is what I did.
I pulled a piece of foil 12" x 12", folded it in half, then folded it into thirds.

I applied glue to the back side of one of the chipboard pieces and glued it to the foil.

Next I put it into by embossing folder. Be sure you know which way your embossing goes, the first time I tried it I had my foil facing the wrong way on the folder. For the embossing fold I was using (Diesire, Embossalicious) I flipped the folder upside down and place the foil on the back side of the folder. After you run it through your machine, this is how your chipboard should look. Notice the impression (de-embossed) on the back side of the chipboard.
I know different shape ( was working with several and forgot to take some photo's along the way)
This is how the foil side of your chipboard will look.
OK back to our original shape. I cut away the excess foil, fairly close to the edges.

Then I pressed the foil on to the edges with my finger and there you go, a new piece of chipboard to be used on any project.

Remember the piece I mentioned that I did upside down, well here it is. As you can see I cut it close to the edge with scissors, then used an Xacto knife to cut away the center part.
Again I just used my finger to press the foil along the edges and it's now ready to be used.

I hope you get a chance to use this technique and  use some of your left over chipboard pieces or for that matter, any plain chipboard pieces that need something other than paint or distressed ink on them. 
Thank you for stopping by and Happy Scrapping !!!

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