Monday, March 27, 2017

Use Make Up for excess adhesive

Good Morning and Happy M.O.M. Day part 2.

Well as I promised I have 2 techniques to show you today. This one I was introduced to by my daughter Jamie Fox.

I had some woven ribbon to go on an album and wasn't sure how I was going to apply it because it is a very loose weave. My daughter said to run it through the XYron and then apply it. I was a bit concerned that a lot of the excess adhesive would show through and be tacky, which it did (not a lot but enough to concern me). She stepped out of the room and came back with a container of clear powder foundation. DUH, why did I think of that, oh yea,  I don't wear make up !!!

I barely touched the brush to the powder, the tapped off the excess into the lid.

I just brushed it back and forth across the ribbon.

As you can see, no difference to the ribbon or paper and the tackiness is gone.

I also did the same to this piece of woven ribbon.

So next time, you are applying some loose woven ribbon and you have some excess adhesive coming through, pull out your make up and find a very light or clear powder foundation and brush it over. You can also use baby powder but since it is white,  it will leave a light white powder look on whatever you put it on. That's why the clear foundation make up great.

Thank you for stopping by and Happy Scrapping !!

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