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Flowers using a corner punch. 4/17/17


I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter like I did.  Spent a long weekend on Catalina Island with a  some of my family. Great time.

Now for our Modus Operandi project, using your corner punches to make flowers. It can be a little tricky. Not all of the corner punches work well for this technique. I used Martha Stewart corner punches.

First you need  to cut (2)  pieces of card stock. It can be a designer paper or just a plain color.
Cut (1) 2" x 2" and cut (1) 1-3/4" x 1-3/4"
Insert one of the pieces into the corner punch, as you normally would. and punch each of the 4 corners.

Don't worry if yours comes out a little off. As you can see, mine did. The 1-3/4" sq. ones are the harder ones to punch, because of their size. Just trim off the little end pieces.

Next you want to cut where  the two corner punches meet, and remove the center section. Notice the rectangular sections, where is was not punched?  Cut these sections at an angle, but do not cut all the way through the flower. You need to leave a section in the center. If necessary, draw a small circle in the center of your flower, so you know exactly how far in to cut.
When you are done removing the excess paper, your flowers will look a little like this. Depending on the corner punch you used.

On this one, I used a pair of tweezers. I put the tweezers in the center of one of the petals and used my thumb and fore finger, I squeezed the petal together.

When I was done squeezing all the petals together, they looked like this.

I put some glue on the bottom flower and glued the other flower on top of it. 

This is the Martha Stewart Corner Punch I used on this one.

Here is the next one I did. Again I started with (2) pieces of card stock. 
(1) 2" x 2"  and (1) 1-3/4" x 1-3/4"

I punched all the corners.

Notice  unpunched sections, again these need to be cut away, the same as we did on the flowers above. Cut off at an angle but do not go though the whole flower as you need a center section.

                             Here they are all punched and the unpunched sections cut away.

Now I rolled the petals over a 1/4" dowel. You can use a pencil, pen or anything that is small, round and tubular.

Notice, I rolled these backwards and put them together using the other side.

This is the Martha Stewart Corner Punch I used for this flower.

Here are some others I made. Same paper (except of the first one, where I used plain yellow card stock on it). Same punches, just put together with the other side of the paper showing.

         For this one (below) I actually used (3) pieces of  papers, The third one was 2-1/4" x 2-1/4"

One these two, I simply added a small, colored rose to the center.

So now that you know just how simple it is to create one of a kind flowers using your corner punches, for your layouts, cards and mini albums, get out all your corner punches and see what you can create !!!

Happy Scrapping !!

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