Monday, May 1, 2017

How to make a spline for your album.

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Last week I showed you how I covered the front and back of my mini albums. So as promised, here are the instruction for adding the spline.  But first, last Sunday, while I was teaching a class on making one of my mini albums, I referred to the spline of the book and one of the ladies asked if it was called a spine or spline. After some research, it seems that the piece of material holding a front and back cover and attached sheets of paper, for a book, is called both a spline or a spine. Just for reference, I call that piece of my mini albums, a spline. So let's get started!

First thing first, you need to determine how wide your spline needs to be. For me I usually make a 2" thick album. 2" allow for thicker embellishment  and it also allows for a 1/4" gap between the pages, when I am  creating a 6 page album.  For the purpose of this technique, I used a 1-1/2" th. spline. So I cut a piece of chipboard that measures 5-1/2" x 1-1/2". It needs  to be the same height as your front and back cover.
The paper I am using is double sided with  two different shades of green.  This will help you see better what I am doing.

Cut a piece of card stock that is 2" wider and longer than your chipboard. The color on the outside should be the same as the outside paper on your covers, or mix it up a little. I haven't done and I think I will on my next album. Apply glue to your chipboard and center your paper. 
Gently fold the paper over the chipboard. 
Apply score tape to the paper, clip your corners (like we did on the covers) and fold over the long edges first.

Next you want to squish in those little corners  (like we did on the cover) and fold over the end pieces. We really don't care what this looks like as it will be hidden. 

You need to cut a piece of your card stock that is the same height as your album but is 4" wider than the spline. Example, my spline is 5-1/2" x 1-1/2" wide. My card stock measures 5-1/2" x 5-1/2" wide. If you are using a double sided card stock, you will want to be sure you put the spline on the correct side. My cover pieces have the dark green on the outside, so I want to be sure that side is laying flat on my table. Glue or tape your spline piece to the  card stock. 

After the glue has dried, gently fold the card stock in towards the spline piece and then fold it backwards.

Now get one of your cover pieces and butt it up next to the spline. Notice that the spline on on top of the table.

Peek under the flap to locate the miter corner of the cover and fold over the card stock so you can cut where you folded it.

Apple score tape to the cover piece, close to the edge. Apply score tape to the flap on the spline piece. Add some glue where there is none on the flap but do not put glue or tape 1/4" from the spline.

Butt the cover up next to the spline and glue down the flap. Do the same for the other cover piece.

Now you have a mini album cover and spline that you can add your designer paper to, inside and outside. This design allows the album  to close and open as much as  the pages need. It will also lay flat when fully opened. (as shown above) This design will work well with channels for attaching your pages or with the binding rings. 

Please excuse the mess on my scrapping table !!!!!

Thanks for taking a look and HAPPY SCRAPPING !!!

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