Monday, June 26, 2017

Make a carnation flower. 6/26/17

Hello and happy M.O.M. Day to everyone. Today I am showing you how to create a flower that looks a lot like a carnation but I am not using tissue paper but regular card stock.  This is super quick and easy !!!!

I started by cutting 5 flowers on my Circuit using Mother's Day Bouquet. (2nd row, 3rd flower in). Of course, you can cut more. Mine were 2-1/2" dia and I cut them with Real Dial Size on.

Now stack then one on top of the other and determine the center of your flower. Mark your center and punch a hole in the center for a brad.

Before inserting your brad, either erase the pencil marks or just flip it over.  Now separate your flowers and lay them down. Spray them with a mixture of water and alcohol. I usually use 1/4 alcohol and 3/4 water and the alcohol I use is 91%. Just a quick spray. You don't want them saturated.
You can see how mine are slightly bowing from the water.

Now add your brad and start squishing the petals toward the center of the flower. One layer at a time. Work quickly so they don't dry out before your get to all the layers.

Let it sit all squished up and dry. It won't take long, depending on how much water you added.

Now start gently unfolding each layer until you are happy with the look.

As you can see or can't see, the brad is hidden. I didn't want it exposed but you can, especially if it is a really pretty brad. Mine was just a plain jane one. 
That's all there  is too it !!!!

Happy Scrapping !!!!

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Newest creations

Good Day Scrappers. I have been very busy lately  with my album making and I thought I would show you the ones I just posted to my shop (Scraps For Sanity) on As most of you can tell I have been using a lot of Graphic 45 and Prima papers lately.

In addition to these albums, I have been creating mini pocket albums with the left over paper, chip board, etc.  These are great because they have a places for your favorite photo's and for the other that you still love, there is a pocket in the center that will hold several 4" x 6" photos. 

Take a look at my Etsy shop to see the inside of these  albums and pocket albums. And check back later because I have 6 more pocket albums  and  5 more mini albums to put up but I need to get the photos done. 

Monday, June 12, 2017

Use for the pop tops on your soda cans 6/12/17

I just know you are going to say "Why didn't I think of that" when you see this post. Because that is what I said when I saw it on Pinterest. The post was from

We are always trying to get the latest and greatest scrapbooking embellishment or tool, when all we need to do is look around the home. Look at this, something as simple as the pop tops from your soda can. Most of us have soda cans at home, in fact I'm sure there are some in your recycling bin (or trash can...shame on me) right now.

This is your starting point. Remove the pop top. Notice how the (2) on the left of the photo are lifted ? That is because this is where the pop top was connected to the can and you need to flatten it out, like the one on the right side of the photo.

This is easily done with a pair of pliers.

Now that you have the tab ready, start adding stuff to it.

Wasn't that super easy !!!!!  So run in there and grab those cans and remove the pop top. It's not difficult. Just bend them back and forth a couple of times and they will pop right off.

You could add a brad to the smaller hole,  then run a ribbon through (2) of them and use it as a closure of your album or for a page in your album.
Take a look at these (2) photos again

Look at the tab on the left. There is no metal on the section that is attached to the can. Now look at the one on the right. The metal is still on it. All three of these came from Coke Zero, so it has thing to do with the can its self. It all depends on how the metal breaks off. If you want to add a brad, as I suggested above, you are going to need (2) of the pop tops with the hole in the center. Of course you can use metal cutters and remove that piece entirely. Then you will need a large brad to cover the hole.

That's it for now. Happy Scrapping !!!!