Monday, June 26, 2017

Make a carnation flower. 6/26/17

Hello and happy M.O.M. Day to everyone. Today I am showing you how to create a flower that looks a lot like a carnation but I am not using tissue paper but regular card stock.  This is super quick and easy !!!!

I started by cutting 5 flowers on my Circuit using Mother's Day Bouquet. (2nd row, 3rd flower in). Of course, you can cut more. Mine were 2-1/2" dia and I cut them with Real Dial Size on.

Now stack then one on top of the other and determine the center of your flower. Mark your center and punch a hole in the center for a brad.

Before inserting your brad, either erase the pencil marks or just flip it over.  Now separate your flowers and lay them down. Spray them with a mixture of water and alcohol. I usually use 1/4 alcohol and 3/4 water and the alcohol I use is 91%. Just a quick spray. You don't want them saturated.
You can see how mine are slightly bowing from the water.

Now add your brad and start squishing the petals toward the center of the flower. One layer at a time. Work quickly so they don't dry out before your get to all the layers.

Let it sit all squished up and dry. It won't take long, depending on how much water you added.

Now start gently unfolding each layer until you are happy with the look.

As you can see or can't see, the brad is hidden. I didn't want it exposed but you can, especially if it is a really pretty brad. Mine was just a plain jane one. 
That's all there  is too it !!!!

Happy Scrapping !!!!

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