Monday, August 28, 2017

3 Pocket Tag Holder 8/28/17

Good Day everyone and Happy M.O.M. Day.

Sorry I haven't been post much lately but with the summer, vacations, birthdays, custom album making, I have been really busy.  But I decided I have been neglecting you for too long and that just isn't acceptable to me. So I am going to faithfully start posting weekly if not more !!!

I found this on Pinterest, it is a posting by Crafty Journal and believe me, she is correct,  it is super fast.  3- Pocket Tag Holder.

1. Select a 12 x 12 piece of paper / card stock. It can be double sided or single sided. With a pattern or plain card stock. I chose a double sided one.

2. You want to score it in half at the 6" measurement.

3. Then flip it around and score 3-1/2" in on each side. (Photo courtesy of Craft Journal)

4. Fold and crease at the score lines.

5. Cut at the 6" score line to the 3-1/2" score line but do not cut any farther than up to the score line. Do the same on the other side.

6. Fold and crease the corners inward. I added some tape to the edges so the would lay perfectly flat.

7. On one side, fold the two edges inward to form the pocket. Runs some tape down one side and overlap the other and seal in place. Do the same to the other side. Your pocket will look like this.

8. I added some Scrappy glue to the bottom openings to seal them shut.

9. Fold your pocket together so the pockets are on the outside. I added some Scrappy Glue to the bottom of one side and glued it shut. If I were added this to an album I would glue each flap to a channel.

10. Now it is ready for you to add 3 tags to it. Inside of each of the 2 pockets and in the center between the pockets. If you wanted to be sure the center tag stayed in place, you can glue it together at the bottom. I kinda like the look of the double edged tag showing on both ends.

There you have it. A super fast and easy 3 pocket tag holder. You  will have your first one made in 30 minutes or less. Your second one will take less than 10 minutes.

Happy Scrapping !!!!!!


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