Monday, September 25, 2017

Embossing Ribbon 9/4/17

Happy M.O.M. Day

While I was at  Creativation (CHA) in Phoenix Az. this year I saw a new product (well new to me) called Terial Magic. It is a liquid fabric stiffener. I watched their demonstration and thought what a great way to incorporate fabrics into my scrapbooking. I see so many beautiful fabrics that would be awesome in my albums.  So I ordered it from Amazon and it has been sitting here for months. Well I decided to get it out and give it a try. This is what I did and discovered.

I cut out 2 strips of ribbon and put them in a bag with some of the Terial Magic spray and made sure they were good and soaked. Then hung them up to dry.


I ironed the ribbon to be sure there were no wrinkles and put a strip in an embossing folder and ran it through my Cut N Boss machine.

And here are the results.     

But I thought the impression wasn't that good, so I pulled out my old fashioned spray starch, sprayed another piece of ribbon, ironed it and ran it through the Cut N Boss machine using the same embossing folder. 

 Terial Magic

Spray Starch

I actually think the one with the spray starch came out with a better impression.  Both of them are flexible and remained silky feeling and both of them have retained the original impression after 1 week. I'm going to keep playing with the Terial Magic and see how it does on the fabric. I'll let you know what happens.

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