Saturday, June 16, 2018

Good Day everyone and Happy M.O.M Day to you.

I was making these for a very special group of 22 ladies that I will be joining in August for  a scrapbook retreat. You know a place to get away from the responsibilities of work, family, whatever and just enjoying the company of talented ladies and actually getting some scrapbooking done. 

I decided since I had some time I would make a little treat for them and came across something I had pulled from a magazine (Creating Keepsakes, June 2009) years ago. A French Fry Box template.  Now how cute is this for any party or get together. In fact I think I will make these for my granddaughters Sweet 16 Party this year.

Yes, I did add some  crinkle paper shreds inside and then added the candy. Who knows, by the time the retreat comes around, I may have changed my mind and put in some scrapbooking products. You know tags, brads, metal charms, etc.Or maybe just stay with the candy and put in a bag of  (scrappers favorite candy)  M & M's. Why is it our favorite... that's right, 
Melt's in your mount, not on your hands !!!

Down below are the instructions and the template for the box.

Click here for the template  Template

                                  Now that you have  downloaded our template, place your designer paper into your printer and print the template onto that paper. If you are not sure how your printer works, it is bet to run a sample paper first to determine which way your designer paper should go in. For my HP 8600 I put the paper in with the side that I want printed on, facing down in the paper tray.

Just along all of the solid lines except where I have indicted to Not Cut but Score.

If you want to chalk or distress the edges, now would be a good time. Once you have finish that, score along all the dotted lines and the (2) straight lines that in indicated with the red arrows.

And now would be a good time to chalk or distress all the corner edged.

Add some glue to one of the bottom flaps and glue the edge to it. Do this on both side. Be sure to line up the bottom edges for the box.

Add glue along the bottom and outer edge of the other flap and glue it in place. Again be sure to line up the bottom edges.

You know have a fry box.

I wanted to cover the inside or the top pieces so using the top as a template I cut out a piece to fit inside.

You now have a finished fry box to use for small gifts, candy, etc.

Next week I will post how simple it is to make the paper doily flowers.


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