Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Sunday Comics, Wrapping Paper, Wall Paper, most any paper ENVELOPES

Happy M.O.M day.

Most scrappers love to make cards, especially with left over paper from an album or layout. But then some of us ( like me) put these beautiful, creative cards into a plain jane envelope. Why oh why do we do that. Perhaps it because we are having to use an entire sheet of our treasured paper to make one envelope.  Well not any more. I ran across a posting on that showed envelopes made from the comics ( Sunday funnies).

Well, I don't get the Sunday paper but I thought, I have some really nice wrapping paper that is made from heavy duty paper.  Heavy enough for an envelope. I buy my wrapping paper at HomeGoods because of the thickness of the papers they sell. Even at Christmas time, when there are thousands of Christmas wrapping papers in every store, I still go to HomeGoods for my Christmas wrapping paper. Yes, it is more expensive than say Target or Walmart but there is more footage on roll and less waste due to it ripping.  Okay, enough of that. Here is what I made and How I made it.

First I cut off a piece or the wrapping paper and cut it larger than I needed. Then I made sure to square up all four sides so I had a perfect (close to perfect) square. This one happened to be a 9-1/2" x 9-1/2"  square (I wanted a 6" x 6" envelope).

Then I put it in my We R Memory Keepers Envelope Punch Board (most of us have one of these) and started to punch and score when needed.

Folded and glued the 3 sides together.

Here is another one I made.

 The Back

 The Front 

Super fast and easy project and your card recipients will love the look of the envelope.  I would not recommend mailing these through the USPS. They might not make it but as Brooke Bock suggested, " you can slide them into a cellophane sleeve as well".

Do hope you enjoyed this tidbit of information. 
Here is the link to Brooke Bock's Posting.


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