Monday, July 16, 2018

Happy M.O.M. Day and welcome to my blog.

Today's project has to do with the envelopes from the bills that you may still be receiving by sail mail. Yes, I do still have bills arriving by snail mail. Not every company is set up for online banking yet. Isn't that odd !!! But good for us !!!

I have seen posts about using the window envelopes for years and just never did anything about it. Well today I did something.

So I started with the most recent bills I had received and found 2 good envelopes. (I guess I had better be more careful when opening them, if I plan on using them.)

Now, I measured the distance from the left side of the envelope to the edge of the window. I came up with 1/2". So I measured 1/2" on the other side, from the edge of the window and marked it. 

I cut it where the mark was, then I cut away the edge I had orginally opened.


Here is another one that I cut down.

For the tag that I was planning on using this one works the best for me.
I needed to cut a piece of designer paper to go behind the window and glued it in place. Oh before that I added Washi tape all around the edges of the envelope.

(Sorry about the glare)

Now to decorate my tag with Graphic 45's Imagine paper and some ribbon.

All I need to do now, is to glue the envelope down in my Graphic 45 Imagine album and it's perfect.

This is the one that inspired me today. It was from Instagram and sorry but the page is no longer available.

This one is from

Of course, you could always remove the film from the envelope and add directly to your paper. Nope, forget that idea, I just tried it and it just tore the plastic in all different directions. Bad idea !!

That's it for now. Happy Scrapping !!!!


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