Monday, July 30, 2018

Little Paper Dresses July 30, 2018

Hello !!! It's M.O.M. day and I'm not sure if this would be considered a technique or not but I just love these little dresses. I am getting ready to create a custom album for a wonderful lady in Holland. The album has Graphic 45's Penny's Paper dolls paper in it and that got me starting thinking about paper dolls and dresses and a technique I saw for making little coat hangers.

While I was searching for that post ( I thought for sure I had Pinned it) I came across these adorable little dresses. I know I have seen them before but really didn't pay much attention to them until now.
There are hundreds of them on the internet.

Now, here are the ones that I made this morning. Just the dresses, no cards yet.

Dress #1 & 2

Dress # 3

Dress # 4

And yes, I did find the post for the clothes hangers and made a few that will go into the Penny's Paper Doll album.
Here is the link  for the Metal Clothes Hangers . Very easy to make!!!

Now for the details. For dress # 1 & 2 I used my Cricut machine to cut out the ovals. One was a long and skinny oval and the other was a little fatter. I just out 5 perl dress. I added the Washi Tape, then rolled them over a pencil to get a slight curved to them.

Next I cut a 1-1/4" x 1-1/4" square and started gluing the pieces to the square. Overlapping them as I went.

For Dress # 3 I used (2) doilies. Start with the doily having the best side towards you, then cut the doily in the center, a quarter of the way. Then flip it over so you have the backside facing up.     

From the right side, fold it down and slightly to the left.

Next bring the left side over so it lines up the the right side edge of the doily.
This is what the finished doily will look like.

This part will seem a little strange, but cut off the tip of the doily to give it a level top. Bear in mind that it will not look as thought you have cut it straight but you have. Yours should look a little lopsided like this.

I glued the skirt to to bottom of the bodice.

Now I wanted a fuller skirts with the looks of a lace slip showing. So I made the same cut and did the same folds to a white doily and here are the results.


Here are two more  dresses I made with a template that I will supply you with the link below.

Here is the template that I used for the two dress above.

Here is the link the Dress template . Go to the website and download the template. Make adjustments to you printer to get the size the you are looking for. Use white card stock when printing so you will have the template for repeated uses. Incase you are like me and are wondering what the "V" and "M" is for, it finally dawned on me as I was getting ready to score. 
"V" = Valley ( fold down or inward), "M" = Mountain (fold up or outward).

That's it for now, hope you enjoyed.


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