Monday, August 20, 2018

Cute Little Bags for Little Gifts 8/20/18

Morning and Happy M.O.M. Day.

The last couple of days I have been spending with my oldest granddaughter Hailee and she told me about a ring she was going to make for her Mom as an anniversary gift for her. Well, a special gift like that deserves  special packaging and I needed a M.O.M project for all of you. That is why today's project are these adorable little purses.

The ones shown below were created by Bibi Cameron and this is where I got the idea for my granddaughter packaging.   Take a moment and look at her website and there you will find the tutorial for making these.  Little Purse tutorial   I just made a few simple changes to her design and converted her dimensions to fractions instead of cm.

Here's how you make them.
First start with a 6" x 6" piece of card stock. double sided is the best so you have the finished look inside of your purse.

Cut off (2) pieces measuring 3/4" side x 6" long and score in the center (3/8").

Next you want to score in the center of your remaining piece and fold in half.

Now open it up and score 1/2" on each side of your center fold. Also score 3/8" on each edge.

Your piece should look like this now. 

I marked where I wanted the cut to stop at 1/2". You need to cut all three score lines up to 1/2" on both sides of your purse.

Fold the cut sections inward and your purse will look like this.
Outside                                    Inside

At this point you may want to refer to Bibi Cameron's tutorial on how to glue the side section together. Little Purse tutorial It was too difficult to hold the camera and glue the sections together.  

As I glued my sides together I did not have the top pieces folded over, whereas she did. I wanted to be sure that when I put the brads through, I was able to hide them on the inside. Pinch or squish the top of your purse together and punch your holes. By pinching it together you are able to punch both side of the holes at one time. Also punch the holes in your straps. 
Mine are about 3/8" - 1/2"  from the edge 

You saw how she curled her straps and I did the same with mine. 
Push the brad through the strap first then through the purse side and open the brad to secure it in place. Do this of all four brads. 
Apply some glue to the 3/8" flap on the top and fold it over to cover the brads. Also apply some glue to the side flaps on the inside of your purse.

I just added some flowers and now it is ready to hold any special little gift.

I really had fun making these, here are two others. 
This was the first attempt.

Second attempt with a design change.

All there of them.

My granddaughter created the jewelry she wanted for her mom's gift, now lets see if I can get her to make a purse for it. Update: she made one and I forgot to take the photo :(

The paper I used for the pink and black purse was Authentique Classic Essentials. The green and peach floral one is Authentique Grace and the multi colored checks is My Mind's Eye Stella & Rose.

I did make a larger purse using an 8" x 8" paper. 

I cut the strips at 1" and scored  1/2"(center). For the folds in the center of the purse I kept the score lines the same at the center then 1/2". to the right and left of the center score. On the fold lines where I needed to cut, I use  3/4" for my cutting depth instead of 1/2". The score on the flap at the top I kept at 3/8"

Here is the difference in the sizes using 8" x 8" verses 6" x 6".

Happy Scrappin !!!!

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