Friday, August 31, 2018

Penny's Paper Doll Family Album 8/31/18

Just wanted to share my latest creation for a wonderful lady in Holland.  Penny's Paper Doll Family.

For those of you around my age 60ish, are probably familiar with Betsy McCall. Remember her ladies. Our mom used to get the McCall's magazine and we always got to cut out Betsy McCall and  her clothes and if we didn't tear or lose them, we got a collection of dolls and clothes.

Most of the clothes have a hidden magnet on them so they can be put on the dolls. Also since there are magnets throughout this album, the dolls and clothes can be moved to different pages to change the look of the album. Since Graphic 45 also included some dolls and clothes that were not pre-printed I left them just white so she could color them in later, if she wanted. 

Well done Graphic 45 on bringing back paper dolls!!!

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