Monday, September 3, 2018

Christmas is coming 9/2/18

Good Morning and happy M.O.M. Day to you.  

Don't you just hate that title for this blog post. CHRISTMAS is COMING!!!   Well it is and  I am usually so wrapped up in stuff during Oct., Nov., that I forget just how close Christmas is. Well not this year. I am going to start early. I used to do all my Christmas shopping throughout the year, then for some reason I stopped. Oh yea, WORK got in my way!!!  Well time to go back to what I did 
20 - 30 years ago and keep my sanity!!!

So in keeping with my new strategy I am presenting to you this absolutely  cute idea for a gift for a co-worker or the people in one of your get together groups.  

This was posted back in Jan. 2012 so you may have seen it but may 
have forgotten it. So lets bring it back!!

Her instruction are perfect and so are her pictures, so there is no reason for me to duplicate her information.  I will say that based on her instruction I was able to make one of these, less the designer paper, in 5 minutes. Wow, super simple and fast. Just what you need when making a large quantity of this type of gift.

So when you are ready head on over to  Cabo's Craft Corner   and follow her instruction. You can't go wrong. In the meantime I am working on enlarging the size to accommodate a larger bottle. Like the small champagne or sparkling apple cider bottles. This is good for one of the small bottle of 
hard liquor (Whiskey, Rum, Vodka ), or a bottle of nail polish. 
As soon as I have the dimensions worked out, for the larger one, I'll get those posted.
Update: Larger one has not worked so far. UGGGGG!!

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Scrapping!!!

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