Monday, September 10, 2018

Pyramid Box 9/10/18

Happy M.O.M. Day  

What is M.O.M. Day????  It's not what you think ! It is Modus Operandi Monday. Modus Operandi is a particular way or method of doing something, especially one that is characteristic or well-established. I'm sure you have heard on any of the police or investigative TV programs the term his/her MO was... M O Modus Operandi.  I wanted a term that would indicate a method or technique for my Monday postings  and that is why it is called M.O.M. Day. 

This week I am showing you these cut little pyramid shaped candy holders. These are great for party favors for any type of party, just decorate accordingly. Since Halloween is around the corner I decide to naturally go with a Halloween theme.  If you do not get many Trick or Treaters, this would be a great treat for the few that do go to your house.  

Of course, they would be awesome decorated for Christmas, Valentines Day, Easter. In fact these could be used for any holiday.

I discover these on Pinterest (naturally) at this website   Lines Across

Take a moment to vist her site and you will see just how easy it is to make these little pyramids.

First we need to open up the link to her  Box Template and print it on your 8-1/2" x 11" plain card stock paper or designer paper. I increased the scale to 100%. My printer was showing that is was scaled to  93%.
Here are my two printed ones. Now cut out the shape along the curved lines.

This is what they will look like after cutting.

Now you will want to score all the straight lines. 

Fold  the centers to form the square shape at the bottom.

Fold each of the curved sections inward.

This will be the result after all the fold have been folded.

Now for the decorating part. I printed one pyramid shape template on to plain copy paper and cut out one of the  side pieces. After cutting off the curved sections, I made a template for cutting out my designer paper. 

I opened up the pyramid shape and laid it flat on my worktable and glued the pieces on.

Next, I needed to punch the holes in the top portion of each side. I tried punching the holes just through the side section, then punched the holes with the flaps folded inward and it really didn't make a difference in the way the pyramid closed. 
However, it did look better with just the hole punched in the side and not the flaps.

Now it's time to add your ribbon and candy. 

Now wasn't the easy ??? 

Thank you for taking a look !!

Happy Scrapping !!!!

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